Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So How Young is Too Young?!

Some people just don't seem to think horses need any time to grow up at all. Here we have a baby horse- currently aged 15 months, that's a yearling plus 3 months- hard at it in the shafts. Dragon Driving again of course.

Future stallion potential they say- I bet. He probably won't be much good for anything else in a few years time, the state those overworked developing joints will be in. He even looks like a little baby still poor soul. It boggles my mind that this happens so much and no one seems to see the problem with it!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Because Honesty Is The Best Policy...

Here is a highly entertaining ad which is making waves on the net at the moment. I have copied it while it is still live for readers of the blog...

Miserable, cantankerous horse for sale - $1400 (New Haven)

Meet Rotten Banana. My wife named him that before he was born 7 years ago, and for that reason I believe she is a true psychic medium.

Rotten Banana's father was a registered Paint we owned, who was a valiant sweetheart of a horse but was ugly as sin. His mother is an evil wench, but is built like a brick house and is afraid of nothing. We thought the breeding might give us a valiant sweetheart who was built like a brick house. Instead, we got.....Rotten Banana.

Banana has a lot of.....personality. He has great ground manners. He loves attention. He is probably the best horse I have ever seen about picking up his feet. My 6 year old daughter can lead him anywhere.

And that's where the good stuff ends, so....maybe stop reading here?

Still reading? Dammit.

Rotten Banana is very broke to ride and has hundreds of trail miles. Like his mom, he is afraid of nothing. He will go through brooks, mud, trees and not miss a step.

If he wants to.

If he doesn't want to, he won't do anything. Literally.

If you want to ride, he will just stand there. Whip and spur all you want, the best you will get is a half-hearted buck and a grunt. (The very reputable natural horsemanship trainer I paid $900 to work on this became as exasperated as i was.). If you want to put him on a trailer, and he doesn't want to get on it, he will go backwards. Quickly. If you want to put a bridle on him, he will actually point his nose to the sky like a timberwolf. When you are not looking, he will either steal the hat off your head with his teeth, or grab your shirt and give you a tug.

In short, he is an ass.

So, if you're looking for a project horse with lots of miles left in his- ta da! Here he is.

Someone with time could actually make a horse out of him. That person is not me.

UPDATE: I'd like to thank those of you who have emailed that you enjoyed this ad. A few points of clarity:

1. Yes, he is really for sale. To the right person and home, not the first person with $12 bucks in their hand. If he doesn't sell, I will not be dropping him off at an auction or anything stupid like that. (I thinks it's funny I said 12 "bucks" while talking about Banana. He loves bucks.)

2. I posted him on craigslist to sell him, not get unsolicited horse training advice. I'm neither the best, nor the worst equestrian around. I have owned and trained my own horses long enough to know I'm not a good match with this particular horse.

3. Not that it's anyone's business, but since a few folks have taken it upon themselves to call me irresponsible for breeding Banana in the first place- I bought Banana's father at a farm auction simply because we were afraid for his fate. He was 200 lbs underweight, not gelded, and no one would even bid $50 for him. I bought him, fed him up and started him under saddle. At the time, Banana's mother was getting older and my wife likes the miserable nag, so we bred them with the intent of replacing one of our trail horses. Banana's father was gelded and sold (for a loss after all of the vet bills and feed) and now works as a school pony at a lesson stable.

4. Banana got his shots and a Coggins test done yesterday. He tried to steal the Coggins papers from the vet. I doubt it was because he thought it would taste good.

This ad raises some interesting points which I feel are valid to equine welfare particularly in the current economic climate.

Firstly the breeding issues, for which the current owner has been criticized. Here we have a snapshot of what happens every day all over the world when many people decide to breed horses. They want to replace one, or they want to keep something that they like in their current horse going. This is how so many unremarkable horses are born week after week into a flooded market.

The first lesson as we know is that you can't guarantee what you are going to get from breeding and here, as the owner freely admits, the qualities he admired in the parents have not emerged in their offspring quite as he hoped! So if you want something particular in your new horse, go buy one instead of breeding it. Then you can pick out just what you want because you can see it in a living animal.

The irresponsible breeders don't spent time on the horse-that-is-not-what-they-expected and move them on with no training or time spent on them- much as this horse's father was. At least here we have someone who has tried hard to work with the horse and make it a useful animal. They have decided to sell this horse because they believe that they are having something of a personality clash, which can happen, and that someone else may get better results than them.

The owner has not just dumped the horse-that-is-not-what-they-expected at an auction, a common fate for so many of his kind. They have also said they will not do this which is to their credit.

So while the situation is not ideal I like that they are being upfront and honest about what is happening with the horse, deliberately trying to find the right partner for him. But the ad is also a timely warning to anyone with a pretty average mare they just looove for one random reason or another and want a baby from- you could wind up breeding your very own Rotten Banana!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Advert of the Day

Who thinks this is an appropriate picture to advertise this horse with? Raise your hands please...

Anybody? Gee I sure hope not!

Here's the rest of the ad for this 13.2hh stallion...

Truthfully, I get the impression that the process of breaking to drive is not going well.. now I may be wrong but that photo is not inspiring any confidence here!!

Here is an unnecessary list of reasons this is not a good picture to sell this pony with:
1- pony in high state of p-off!
2- pony rearing in driving gear- definitely not something you want from your driving pony
3- can't see any of the pony properly only the back so can't assess looks and build
4- pony looks like is close to being yanked over backwards by its poor mouth

Anyway, if anyone wants to take a chance on this little fella- the link is here.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Extreme Reckless Child Endangerment

Eegads. Thanks to the folks of Bad Riding for this gem!

Most people agree that keeping your kids safe should include helmets when riding...

 But not everyone. Then there's those folks that see no problem with this...

 Ummm see the open 'escape' route should saintly horse be stung by a bee or other such unlikely incident...?

And this...

My thoughts on the relative virtues of standing on horses for sale ads has been expressed in the past... I reiterate that if the horse has a sneezing fit or jumps at the least little thing small child is high up enough to hurt themselves just hitting the deck from that height.

Finally we have....

Now this one makes me feel slightly ill, having only yesterday observed my kind-natured mare kicking at a fly on her belly in the sort of move that would have hit any child in this position square in the skull. 

Yes the horse looks sweet, but some nice shots of him in action with his little jockey would have put that point across readily without risking the prompt execution of said jockey! 

Horses are big and strong and react quickly and instinctively to all kinds of stimuli.. why put yourself or your family in the position where it's even easier for them to hurt you?! 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Advert of the Day

Here we have for sale on equine now- a blob.

This frankly terrible picture accompanies a horse for sale ad promoting a stallion for stud 'serves' or sale. 

We don't know:
-What height
- How old
- If he has ever been ridden or even sat on!
- What he looks like to be honest, other than that he appears to have four white legs

We do know:
- a breeding would cost 40-80 dollars
- He's a black and white paint
- He loves other horses. 

It's hard to tell what would possibly recommend this horse as a father. Or as someone's new horse for that matter. Please people, put some thought into an advert. Think about what you're trying to say and what your horse's strong points are. And if he doesn't have many, give him some. Get some work into him! 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Picture AND Video Fail

Rarely does an advert get it totally wrong in both selling mediums, but here we have a prime exhibit. The ad is for a young stallion named Smirnoff Ice- an alcopop for those not familiar with it- and at first glance it appears that the seller has over indulged in said beverage.

Yes the advert does look like a jigsaw, and yes, that's right, none of the shots shows the pony in full! In fact here's a close up of the 'best' one:

But it's ok, because there's a video- in fact there are three! So we can just check those out. 

Oh well, maybe the others are better:

Oh dear. Nope, all about 10 seconds of a majorly geed up pony sort of trotting towards people who don't seem to be able to keep the camera straight!

I sincerely hope that these are just make do efforts and they are going to try again as I am not sure what you can tell from this... he might have a nice flashy trot, but whether it would be as flashy if he wasn't practically trying to tank off with his rider I can't say! 

Time to have another go I suggest, maybe filming from further away? Be nice to see the whole horse clearly.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Advert of the Day

This is why we don't cut manes/forelocks with scissors...

We've all had haircuts we'd rather forget. This poor chap (a gelding I suspect, not a gilden) looks suitably unimpressed with being plastered all over the internet while this particular travesty is at its peak.

'Seriously.... I will kill you...'

Bless. The fact the he's actually being held through barbed wire is a more serious concern- not liking it being so close to his eyes! At least he's a decent weight and has been groomed, albeit perhaps over enthusiastically by the kids mentioned earlier! And his hair will grow back.

If you'd like find out more about him here's his ad on Craigslist.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Advert of the Day

So first of all this ad has a very unfortunate title! 

In addition to the misspelt content it also has some pretty poor and fairly odd pictures- here are the bigger versions:

Umm... can't catch it or something?!

And finally instead of going for a main selling point which would be at least partly supported by the pictures e.g. nice mover, attractive markings, totally unspoilt ready to train etc... they have plumped for.... 

"very quiet rond kids"

Okkkkaaay... I am left thinking I bet it is, because the moment it sees a child approaching it disappears to the far corner of the field and you don't hear a peep from it till they've left! 

Very very erratic and amusing little advert!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Wow, so that's not Irresponsible...

Why would a legitimate horse rescue organisation post ads like this (Link, Link)?! These two are from Equine Now and are posted, as you can see, by a group called Second Wind Rescue.

Yes folks that is not one but two adverts offering a BREEDING STALLION FOR SALE.
No mistakes- that is the title of the ad and comes up under a 'breeding stock' search.

Here's the problem-
-Neither horse is in good health (melanoma/looks like hell and doesn't seem to have great legs- see below!!)
-Both are older animals- so chances of landing on their feet permanently if just sold off and not kept under some form of guardianship are slim
-Both are priced to appeal to the idiot backyard breeder (Hey Wilma- hitch up the trailer! Got me a stallion for the old mare out back, registered and everything! *head-desk*).

Most importantly-

Jeez they are just not that special, poor guys. At a time when people are trying to sell horse for peanuts/dumping them on roads and out in the country/abandoning them at boarding stables and livery yards/shooting them rather than have to find the money to feed them no one should be more aware of the problem than the rescues trying to tackle the mess.

I seriously question the ethics of this organisation. SERIOUSLY. Poor horses!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Butt, Butt, Butt...

This is bemusing. I gather that for Quarter Horses a big rear end is a desirable feature. But to the extent that you don't get to see any other bits of the horse?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Maybe it's just me, but if you can only get one shot in of the horse you're selling, wouldn't you want to show more of it on a better angle? I mean, to my mind you don't JUST buy a horse off the backside of it, cos if you spend that much time looking at your horse's rear end you're doing SOMETHING wrong! As the old saying has it, that's the end that KICKS!

USA/Quarter horse peeps, please feel free to enlighten me?!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Advert of the Day

Here's what's right with this ad.

The picture is reasonable, showing a sweet looking young mare (with growing to do!) in a relatively safe situation. She's quite nicely presented for the photo, really clean and with no tangles in her mane. Ok, not the best angle and the background could be a lot better, but hey, we've seen worse (oh boy have we seen worse).

Here's what's not right with this ad.

Um, pretty much everything else. The content:

Cheeky Girl, 16 months old pacing filly. Bred by Cheeky Chaps to full bred mare (no papers).
Been broken for 3 weeks, doing 25mph, still green. Just started with hobbles.

16 months old. Not even two. Doing 25mph- and we aren't talking light work here people. Here's an illustration of what she's doing on a regular basis on those immature legs:

 But hey. Don't panic folks. This is from a different ad

This mare is older! She's a whole 19 MONTHS!!

In a word, ick. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Say What?

This is one of the strangest ads I have ever seen. Not only as it is hard to translate, but because it's so vague! Apart from anything else horses aren't the best livestock for land maintenance being so picky- we've all seen horse sick pastures!

Here it is in its entirety:

Altogether now... ummmmmmm ?????????????

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Advert of the Day

This poor hinny is almost screaming 'get me out of here!'

He appears to be living in a rubbish dump- lets hope that's a Parelli type rope closest to camera and not a random snake..! He also appears to be pretty thin under his fluffy coat- note the outline of his body in this shot:

They only want $15 for him. We have no idea how old he is but are told he is 'not tame'. Future looking bright there then!

Donkeys, mules and hinnies require the same care and attention as horses and ponies, shots, worming, feeding (FEEDING PLEASE!!), hoof care etc. This appears to be severely lacking in this case. Cross your fingers for the poor thing that a kind person picks him up and gives him an upgrade. Here's the rest of the craigslist ad.

With thanks to Horse Forum for turning this one up.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Advert of The Day

Wow, these two look soooo comfortable, don't they?!

This was the only photo accompanying the ad which is selling a small stallion who is being strongly promoted as a comfortable ride for long trails or riders with back problems. Here's the issue. Neither the horse or the rider look comfortable in this shot! The girls expression and her hands, and the horses face, tail and the way he is moving, suggests they are having a real difference of opinion, however momentary. BAD PHOTO TO USE!

That's not even touching on the fact it's blurry.

Finally just how comfortable can you be in what appear to be hot pants and wellies?!

Here's the rest of the ad:
MiniMe as we like to call him is a very sweet stallion he rides amazing very comfortable for someone who likes long trails or maybe has back problems. Looking to find him an amazing home to trail rideor maybe even show since he does have alot of brio and the look for it. He is a lil thin because we did rescue him from a hard situation but he is getting more beutiful by the day. come meet him he wont disappoint
call me or text
He needs to find his new home by this weekend please make an offer.
might trade for maybe a dressage mount 

Hmm, so sweet he has to be outta there in days... and of course they might trade for a dressage mount. I wouldn't hold your breath folks!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

If only Child Labor Laws Applied to Horses..

You know, I think some people consider waiting until a foal is weaned leaving their education too long.

20 months and broken to drive:

Ironically also pictured with a little girl, both looking like the babies they are...

19 months old and 'she can run'

Broken in as a yearling. Yes a YEARLING:

Done everything at 3 years old: 

The last ad boasts about how this horse has:

pulled a living wagon from Durham to Kent, 21 days.


The first picture (below) is him pulling across Tower Bridge, did 340 miles in 21 days. 

Well I guess these people are selling these young horses, so they don't have to deal with future possible temper tantrums and/or crippling arthritis in legs and spine caused by doing too much too soon.

I just wish people could take a step back and give their horses time. It provides for a much longer, more productive working life span, and a much happier horse mentally. Sadly on dragon driving at least, it seems taking it slow will never be the popular approach.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Problem

Your horse is a stud, 9 yrs old, 17 hands and weighs in the region of 1,300 Ibs. Given that the rate of economic growth in the US is around 2.4, the ratio of available horses to good, caring homes is around 300:1 and you have priced him 0.00 dollars, what is his % chance of going to slaughter?*

huge free stud horse with cut 

I can't take care of this stud horse by myself he is 17 hands has huge bones and feet he has destroyed my fences I can't do this anymore he went through a fence and cut open his chest and damaged his eye his dad is a national champion warmblood but if I don't find someone to take him I will have to have him destroyed I doctored his cut for couple of days and when I attempted to doctor it tonight he struck out with both front feet I don't know if it hurts him or what this horse weighs about 1300 pounds he is very tall around here when you say you have a huge horse they think you mean wide he is very tall and very big boned and built like a Lippizanner. this is not a children's horse he must be well handled before anybody other than an experienced person gets around him and if you think you're going to turn around and make a quick buck on him it is not possible he needs to be handled and his cut doctored before you could ever be able to sell him my phone number is fifty two. Twenty. Seventy. Owe to. do not call me at a ridiculous hour.

Why exactly is this horse a stud?! He's hardly overflowing with desirable features, physical or behavioural by the sound of it! I don't find huge bones and feet a selling point, particularly not when he's using them to trash his environment.  

The owner says she has been treating the wound he picked up on the fence and now he's resenting it- 

I don't know if it hurts him or what.. 

Yes it probably does- anyone ever fiddled with one of your injuries?! Here's a thought, maybe an infection has started to brew and his patience has been exhausted by increasing discomfort. 

This bit I don't get:

He is very tall around here when you say you have a huge horse they think you mean wide he is very tall and very big boned and built like a Lippizanner.

His size and build is not a remotely positive feature given that he's already learned to use it against people and things that get in his way! How about telling us if he's ever done anything, ever been saddled etc? I am guessing not! 

I can't figure out how this person ended up with this horse in the first place. Maybe it was drugged when they tried it, maybe they bred it, threw it in a field somewhere and only thought, 'gee that colt of mine's got pretty fiesty' when they went to find it years later! But I am sure I am thinking exactly the same thing everyone else with any horse sense is thinking after reading this advert. 

if I don't find someone to take him I will have to have him destroyed

He is a STUD! A stallion!!! He wants to mate with things and if you're not directing that energy somewhere else, i.e. into serious competition work, he's going to go to any lengths to do that! Including through fences and over the top of YOU if you haven't instilled enough respect in him on the ground. 

So why, why WHHHYYY ON EARTH don't you just get him GELDED, remove the hormones and reassess the situation after a few weeks before puttinga bullet in his head, handing him over to a masquerading slaughter man or palming him off on some naive do-gooder who might end up getting pounded into the ground by their mercy 'purchase'?

Is it not that obvious to EVERYONE that this would be the next step to take?!

*- figures quoted are rough estimates and for blog writing purposes only.

Thanks again to horse forum contributors for this one.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sadly Outgrown...

Not by a child! She's outgrown her rug!

Um, I know people make do at times, but is it not a better idea to take the rug off just for the picture so you don't look a bit... mad?!

By the way she is sooo cute. And selling with mum (below) for the sad price of £150... please buy her and spoil her with a blankie that covers her little butt!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Advert of the Day

Where to start, where to start...

*sniffles* But, but Black Beauty was a friendly horsey!!

Ok, so first of all and most negatively to the advert at first glance this horse looks seriously p***ed as all hell. See close up:

He may be hungry as he looks pretty ribby, or maybe he's just objecting to that godawful piece of thin metal in his mouth. Either way his expression says get the **** away from me. Not the most inviting shot for a sales pitch!

Secondly do you think those front hooves have been deliberately cut out of shot? Because from the knees down they are not good looking legs and I am wondering if the horse is actually sound.

Overall total picture fail. But we go on...

Thirdly 'Quarter Horse, hard to find'. ????. Do you mean he goes to hide in his field? Because I can think of barely any regions in the USA where the Quarter Horse is a rare breed. It's like the UK equivalent of black and white hairy cobs- dime a dozen and everywhere you look.

Finally; 'Horse Starts to Dance', you mean all the time? Your average rider would kind of like a horse that keeps still on occasion please!

Today's short but not sweet ad of the day is brought to you courtesy of the good folks over at; thanks guys your thread on dumbest ads is a goldmine!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Epic Fail

If you took out all the accurate/responsible/intelligent stuff in this advert, you wouldn't have much of it left. 

Cheapest Saddlebred..... - $250

Hi, just got this horse not long ago (3months). Its a Saddlebred/Walker stud. He is too small for my boyfriend and im not into riding horses. From what I know he is a pretty good horse. No kick, bite or buck...just nred love and we having to much going on. Was purchased for $500 from a very good friend in Houston. The only problem the horse is too short. He is about 14.5 hh, we are willing to take $250 obo. Yes $250 obo for a stud thats not bad, and plus you will make your money back breeding. He has never bred before and no bad habits. Need gone by this weekend because we leaving to go out of town.Kids have ridden him,with no problem, he is more suitable for kids, women or small adults.
Has Pusher's walker in his bloodline. Not registered. Can email pics.or text 469~684~8992

1- If you're flogging a horse with the biggest positive being that it's cheap, the poor thing probably hasn't got a lot to offer. Annd that's not really accurate advertising either- read on to discover the horse is actually a saddlebred X Walker. 

2- I really hope that someone is holding that rope (so could drop it or do something about entanglement) and it's not tied to something (which the low rope makes me wonder) since he's now stepped over it and could end up giving himself a bit of a jerk/fright/serious injury. 

3- Hi, just got this horse not long ago (3months).

You've had him all of 3 months? Wouldn't it have been easier just to think harder about getting a horse at all/go evaluate the horse properly before you bought him?

4- Its a Saddlebred/Walker stud.

He's a stud. Of course he is. Cos that price, + nuts, is going to make finding a lovely new home even easier.

5- He is too small for my boyfriend and im not into riding horses. 

Yes. Yes he is. 

(Obviously I am assuming this is the BF in the picture!). 

Here's the thing. I know some very large riders who are very skilled. They ride light. This is because they know how to balance themselves to cause least convenience to the horse. If this guy was at least riding in good balance I wouldn't be cringing as much as I am. But look at the weight hanging over to the left here! The horse will find this difficult to manage. 

There are ways to assess how much weight a horse can safely carry. One of these is bone- basically the circumference of the foreleg, just below the knee. A horse with good solid thick legs at this point is generally believed to be able to carry more weight than one with a narrow leg here- check pictures of welsh cobs as opposed to thoroughbreds to see this. I wouldn't class this horse as a weight carrier from the shot above! 

Weight carrying capacity at any one time is also influenced by other things, including what you are doing with the horse- so yes, at least here they are just walking, in this shot anyway- and it's age. You wouldn't want to charge in piling excess weight on a youngster who is still getting used to just carrying a rider for example. 

On that note I am a bit concerned that this horse could be a youngster- he's either a growing colt or a very badly put together adult! His age isn't mentioned anywhere. This heavyweight riding could be doing some damage to an immature skeleton if he is the kind of age I think he may be. 

Here's the kicker. I know horses grow when they are young but only slowly! Didn't these people even go look at this horse before he came home? Why did it take 3 months to decide he was too small, did they just have him thrown in the field and only notice his size when they got close enough to catch him? 

6- From what I know he is a pretty good horse. No kick, bite or buck...

This no bite, kick, or buck seems to be the craigslist mantra for 'good horse'. I know a lot of very good horses which do occasionally buck (often when out and excited!), sometimes kick and sometimes bite (though mainly other horses!) and similarly I know some god awful horses that never do any of the above (you'd need to light a rocket behind a lot of them to get any impulsion at all, but that's another story). It'd be good to hear more about what the horse can do rather than what he doesn't do, like ride out on trails, jump a little fence, stuff like that, but nothing like that here. Or in a lot of ads where 'No kick bite buck rear etc' appears as the big selling point to be honest.  

7- just nred love and we having to much going on. 

They had too much on to even check the poor beggar was the right size in the first place so that doesn't surprise me. 

8- The only problem the horse is too short. 

Annnd again, he could have been measured before you brought him home surely? 

He is about 14.5 hh.

No he's not!! 

9- we are willing to take $250 obo. Yes $250 obo for a stud thats not bad, and plus you will make your money back breeding. 

UUUURRGH!! Brain bleach please. Does anyone see anything about this fluffy, leggy, flat backed little guy that begs to be reproduced? Seller- you are trying to offload this horse for $250- UK peeps that's about £165 at today's currency conversion rates - it probably cost more to keep the mare adequately fed and vet checked in the pregnancy that produced him than that! If you don't want a horse like this, why will enough other people anywhere to make breeding him such a good idea?! Seriously, what on earth makes you think Shorty's sperm is in demand anywhere in the entire FREAKING country? 

He has never bred before... 

Thank whatever deity oversees us that this is the case. Please someone go get him just to remove his lovespuds before he meets miss right (or miss you'll do) and gets her in the family way. 

10- Need gone by this weekend because we leaving to go out of town. 

You know what- this is one thing that irritates the heck out of me and I keep seeing on CL especially. Sellers- cos this isn't the only one by any means- at the time you place an advert you are responsible for that horse's whole future. If you don't take adequate time and care over finding someone who wants him for the right reasons, has the facilities to keep him and knows how to look after him, you're going to end up handing the leadrope to that nice guy Gus who showed up with a trailer, paid cash and has a farm out west somewhere. Gus being the smiley kill buyer who'll be only too happy to take the horse off your hands for an even more knock down price and ship him right off to become mince. In this case the horse's main fault appears to be that the current owner bought something too small. He doesn't deserve to be put at risk for that. Man up, put your damn weekend trip back if it's that disruptive and spend some time protecting the life of the animal you brought into yours. He deserves that much. Rant over.  

11- Has Pusher's walker in his bloodline. 


Not registered. 

Of course. 

Good luck Shorty! I think you may need it.