Thursday, 2 May 2013

Advert of the Day

This poor hinny is almost screaming 'get me out of here!'

He appears to be living in a rubbish dump- lets hope that's a Parelli type rope closest to camera and not a random snake..! He also appears to be pretty thin under his fluffy coat- note the outline of his body in this shot:

They only want $15 for him. We have no idea how old he is but are told he is 'not tame'. Future looking bright there then!

Donkeys, mules and hinnies require the same care and attention as horses and ponies, shots, worming, feeding (FEEDING PLEASE!!), hoof care etc. This appears to be severely lacking in this case. Cross your fingers for the poor thing that a kind person picks him up and gives him an upgrade. Here's the rest of the craigslist ad.

With thanks to Horse Forum for turning this one up.

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