Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Advert of the Day

So at first glance this seems pretty inoffensive... Cute little horse, never gonna be a world beater, but nice enough for the price...


New Forest X Shire Gelding
15hh+ bay New Forest x Shire, 4 years old, not broken although wouldn't take much.
Good in traffic and with farrier, lovely temperament.
Ring for more info.
Price: £350

OK. Got that?



NOT BROKEN. Young horse, sweet and kind but NOOOOT BROKEN. So can't be expected to know how to behave under a rider of any kind and will need gentle, careful, sensible training.

Scrolled down yet?

AAAAAAH!!! That's high up for someone so little, with no helmet!! Plus one of these little girls is VERY YOUNG! Absolutely of the age to suddenly decide to do something really dumb like just get off. Or lose her balance and grab at her sister. Or boot the horse somehow/somewhere. And he's 4. And he's not broken. AND NO ONE IS HOLDING HIM OR THE CHILDREN!!!! HOW CAN ANYONE THINK THIS IS OK?!!

I feel queasy just looking at this shot- get me social services on the phone STAT.

Again, yes, probably the sort of thing people do a lot, but for the purposes of selling a horse, showing that you think doing something INCREDIBLY stupid is fine enough to share with the entire world doesn't fill me with much confidence. It just scares me half to death.

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