Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Extreme Reckless Child Endangerment

Eegads. Thanks to the folks of Bad Riding for this gem!

Most people agree that keeping your kids safe should include helmets when riding...

 But not everyone. Then there's those folks that see no problem with this...

 Ummm see the open 'escape' route should saintly horse be stung by a bee or other such unlikely incident...?

And this...

My thoughts on the relative virtues of standing on horses for sale ads has been expressed in the past... I reiterate that if the horse has a sneezing fit or jumps at the least little thing small child is high up enough to hurt themselves just hitting the deck from that height.

Finally we have....

Now this one makes me feel slightly ill, having only yesterday observed my kind-natured mare kicking at a fly on her belly in the sort of move that would have hit any child in this position square in the skull. 

Yes the horse looks sweet, but some nice shots of him in action with his little jockey would have put that point across readily without risking the prompt execution of said jockey! 

Horses are big and strong and react quickly and instinctively to all kinds of stimuli.. why put yourself or your family in the position where it's even easier for them to hurt you?! 

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