Monday, 16 September 2013

Advert of the Day

Who thinks this is an appropriate picture to advertise this horse with? Raise your hands please...

Anybody? Gee I sure hope not!

Here's the rest of the ad for this 13.2hh stallion...

Truthfully, I get the impression that the process of breaking to drive is not going well.. now I may be wrong but that photo is not inspiring any confidence here!!

Here is an unnecessary list of reasons this is not a good picture to sell this pony with:
1- pony in high state of p-off!
2- pony rearing in driving gear- definitely not something you want from your driving pony
3- can't see any of the pony properly only the back so can't assess looks and build
4- pony looks like is close to being yanked over backwards by its poor mouth

Anyway, if anyone wants to take a chance on this little fella- the link is here.

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