Thursday, 27 December 2012

Advert of the Day

What's wrong with this picture?!

This pony is for sale- are you gonna be rushing to buy him?!

Here's my issues:
What's he got on his FACE?! Why is he tied to the saddle- apparently- is that the only way you can ride him?!
You couldn't be bothered to clean him up a LITTLE bit?!
Same to the saddle cloth- it's gross! Do you EVER clean tack?
BTW is he sweating?! How long did you have to run him around until he'd stand still for that shot?!
You ride him on THAT surface all the time- are you sure he's sound?
Um- how about a hat?

So you might think: brain fried pony with no brakes in the hands of someone who just likes to blast around. Why would you bother taking another look?
Except there's another little piccie, not the main one, of allegedly the same pony out hunting and looking like butter wouldn't melt- minus the bondage gear too!

Something amiss here- wonder if the above shot is from a previous home? Poor pony!! Here's hoping for a good place for him, and someone who doesn't mind cleaning his gear and can use a BRUSH!

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