Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Advert of the Day

Here's what's right with this ad.

The picture is reasonable, showing a sweet looking young mare (with growing to do!) in a relatively safe situation. She's quite nicely presented for the photo, really clean and with no tangles in her mane. Ok, not the best angle and the background could be a lot better, but hey, we've seen worse (oh boy have we seen worse).

Here's what's not right with this ad.

Um, pretty much everything else. The content:

Cheeky Girl, 16 months old pacing filly. Bred by Cheeky Chaps to full bred mare (no papers).
Been broken for 3 weeks, doing 25mph, still green. Just started with hobbles.

16 months old. Not even two. Doing 25mph- and we aren't talking light work here people. Here's an illustration of what she's doing on a regular basis on those immature legs:

 But hey. Don't panic folks. This is from a different ad

This mare is older! She's a whole 19 MONTHS!!

In a word, ick. 

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