Friday, 5 April 2013

Advert of the Day

Where to start, where to start...

*sniffles* But, but Black Beauty was a friendly horsey!!

Ok, so first of all and most negatively to the advert at first glance this horse looks seriously p***ed as all hell. See close up:

He may be hungry as he looks pretty ribby, or maybe he's just objecting to that godawful piece of thin metal in his mouth. Either way his expression says get the **** away from me. Not the most inviting shot for a sales pitch!

Secondly do you think those front hooves have been deliberately cut out of shot? Because from the knees down they are not good looking legs and I am wondering if the horse is actually sound.

Overall total picture fail. But we go on...

Thirdly 'Quarter Horse, hard to find'. ????. Do you mean he goes to hide in his field? Because I can think of barely any regions in the USA where the Quarter Horse is a rare breed. It's like the UK equivalent of black and white hairy cobs- dime a dozen and everywhere you look.

Finally; 'Horse Starts to Dance', you mean all the time? Your average rider would kind of like a horse that keeps still on occasion please!

Today's short but not sweet ad of the day is brought to you courtesy of the good folks over at; thanks guys your thread on dumbest ads is a goldmine!

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