Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Problem

Your horse is a stud, 9 yrs old, 17 hands and weighs in the region of 1,300 Ibs. Given that the rate of economic growth in the US is around 2.4, the ratio of available horses to good, caring homes is around 300:1 and you have priced him 0.00 dollars, what is his % chance of going to slaughter?*

huge free stud horse with cut 

I can't take care of this stud horse by myself he is 17 hands has huge bones and feet he has destroyed my fences I can't do this anymore he went through a fence and cut open his chest and damaged his eye his dad is a national champion warmblood but if I don't find someone to take him I will have to have him destroyed I doctored his cut for couple of days and when I attempted to doctor it tonight he struck out with both front feet I don't know if it hurts him or what this horse weighs about 1300 pounds he is very tall around here when you say you have a huge horse they think you mean wide he is very tall and very big boned and built like a Lippizanner. this is not a children's horse he must be well handled before anybody other than an experienced person gets around him and if you think you're going to turn around and make a quick buck on him it is not possible he needs to be handled and his cut doctored before you could ever be able to sell him my phone number is fifty two. Twenty. Seventy. Owe to. do not call me at a ridiculous hour.

Why exactly is this horse a stud?! He's hardly overflowing with desirable features, physical or behavioural by the sound of it! I don't find huge bones and feet a selling point, particularly not when he's using them to trash his environment.  

The owner says she has been treating the wound he picked up on the fence and now he's resenting it- 

I don't know if it hurts him or what.. 

Yes it probably does- anyone ever fiddled with one of your injuries?! Here's a thought, maybe an infection has started to brew and his patience has been exhausted by increasing discomfort. 

This bit I don't get:

He is very tall around here when you say you have a huge horse they think you mean wide he is very tall and very big boned and built like a Lippizanner.

His size and build is not a remotely positive feature given that he's already learned to use it against people and things that get in his way! How about telling us if he's ever done anything, ever been saddled etc? I am guessing not! 

I can't figure out how this person ended up with this horse in the first place. Maybe it was drugged when they tried it, maybe they bred it, threw it in a field somewhere and only thought, 'gee that colt of mine's got pretty fiesty' when they went to find it years later! But I am sure I am thinking exactly the same thing everyone else with any horse sense is thinking after reading this advert. 

if I don't find someone to take him I will have to have him destroyed

He is a STUD! A stallion!!! He wants to mate with things and if you're not directing that energy somewhere else, i.e. into serious competition work, he's going to go to any lengths to do that! Including through fences and over the top of YOU if you haven't instilled enough respect in him on the ground. 

So why, why WHHHYYY ON EARTH don't you just get him GELDED, remove the hormones and reassess the situation after a few weeks before puttinga bullet in his head, handing him over to a masquerading slaughter man or palming him off on some naive do-gooder who might end up getting pounded into the ground by their mercy 'purchase'?

Is it not that obvious to EVERYONE that this would be the next step to take?!

*- figures quoted are rough estimates and for blog writing purposes only.

Thanks again to horse forum contributors for this one.

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  1. Surely gelding doesn't cost all that much more than euthanasia and disposal?
    Although I might be thinking that because over here in the UK you have to pay to have it taken away as well. Very rare to bury it yourself. And then, once gelded, he has a much better chance ...

    It almost seems like she is talking about the horse like he has been left with her. Definitely doesn't sound like she thinks of him as 'her horse'. All very weird.

    He might be quite a nice prospect if you have the time and the patience - but who does these days when there are plenty of easy going, talented and safe horses out there?