Sunday, 14 April 2013

If only Child Labor Laws Applied to Horses..

You know, I think some people consider waiting until a foal is weaned leaving their education too long.

20 months and broken to drive:

Ironically also pictured with a little girl, both looking like the babies they are...

19 months old and 'she can run'

Broken in as a yearling. Yes a YEARLING:

Done everything at 3 years old: 

The last ad boasts about how this horse has:

pulled a living wagon from Durham to Kent, 21 days.


The first picture (below) is him pulling across Tower Bridge, did 340 miles in 21 days. 

Well I guess these people are selling these young horses, so they don't have to deal with future possible temper tantrums and/or crippling arthritis in legs and spine caused by doing too much too soon.

I just wish people could take a step back and give their horses time. It provides for a much longer, more productive working life span, and a much happier horse mentally. Sadly on dragon driving at least, it seems taking it slow will never be the popular approach.

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