Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why I Wouldn't Buy From These People...

I found this ad on Equinenow and have to say I am doubting the professionalism of these sellers, website and all.

I've ranted in the past about wanting sellers to look half smart, at least safe. I am not a big fan of the no hat and casual clothes approach. But apart from that, fair enough one shot of riding a quiet horse in just a headcollar and leadrope...  But all of them?


Do these people have any tack? Can the horses even wear tack? And then we have this...

Small child totally helmetless and completely barefoot on a horse so tall that he could easily give himself a decent amount of brain damage just sliding off the side! Yep, real smart. Oh and in an open field with other loose horses who might at any time, being horses, decide something terrifying is going on and do a runner? Prompting normally quiet horse with kid on board to have herd instinct kick in with a vengeance and go hell for leather with them?! This child better have a velcro seat!

Finally there's this...

Now feel free to enlighten me as I haven't dealt with this fencing myself before, but this REALLY looks like two horses tied really tightly or inappropriately (a knot in the first and oh dear god... is the last one tied on directly by the headcollar?!) to non-permanent fencing that, should the horse panic in juuussstt the right way, could be readily lifted from its hinges, dragged, and given it's open framework, immediately trap and break a leg?

Yep, real smart these sellers. I wonder just how long they've actually been around horses- a short enough spell not to be aware just how quickly things can go HORRIBLY wrong I guess.


  1. Pshhh. just went to their website, and under the 'saddles and tack' tab, it just says 'coming soon'. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  2. LOL that says it all doesn't it?!