Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My Eyes! My Eyes! #2

Oh dear god. Can anyone explain to me how this horse has been put together?

This poor soul looks like his (not very good) back end was attached as a complete afterthought- and is not that reliably attached now! And those withers are ideally designed to split the pelvis of the rider and make saddle fitting a hellish adventure. Never mind the neck... Overall he looks like a youngster going through an especially fugly stage. Sadly, according to the ad, he's five, so what you see is going to be what you get.

I know that the poor horse can't help looking this way, but it does illustrate an important point in terms of showing the horse off at their best in adverts. I am often saying to stand the horse up for the camera. In this case I say don't bother as it does this guy no justice whatsoever! Ad says he's working and jumping so get some under saddle shots showing this and use those instead- quite honestly, with that build and back, I can't picture it at all so I'd like to see the evidence!

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