Monday, 8 October 2012

A Few Little Issues...

So this is one of the most confusing ads I have seen in some time. First off, here it is.

So, are they all for sale? Some of them? One of them? Or are they just being offered to ride for a bit? Apparently they are brock and make nice projet. Ok, fair dues, English may not be the advertiser's first language, but for the sake of just one sentence they couldn't find anyone at all to proof read?!

'Dance horses' are not one of my favourite things either as I understand there are more bad ways to train them than there are good ones.

I also hope that the horse shown only has his head tied up so high for the short term, as I am led to believe that some trainers use prolonged tethering of this type to subdue the horse and make it more likely that they keep their heads low when ridden.

Overall, a real head scratcher here!

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