Friday, 19 October 2012

It's Nearly Halloween, How About a Horror Movie?!

This entry comes to us courtesy of the good folks over at Bad Riding- your place on the net for car crash horsemanship at its best!

Here is a sales video for a rather cute little horse- and like most true horror movies it gets scarier towards the end!

So flatwork, no the rider is not the most stylish but heck, I'm not going to throw too many stones on that one, I'm not exactly Carl Hester myself. Now just skip to about 2.16 and prepare your jaw to drop...

As I fear the video may be deleted, I have taken some stills for your viewing, er,  pleasure...

Ok seriously, you want the horse to fly over the jumps- NOT the rider! A bit more elbow flapping and I reckon she could be airborne! She appears to be throwing the (non plussed if slightly confused) horse at the jumps. Hey, here's a thought, if this is the only way you can get your horse to jump, maybe don't include that in the sale video?!

Still a cute horse. Lets just hope poor Gabriel is not yet at the point where he thinks he actually has wings with all that movement going on over his head!

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