Monday, 4 February 2013

Fun with Adverts...

These ads just appealed to my strange sense of humour and made me smile...

Reason for sale is because of lack of grazing... you can tell, that looks like your front garden!

A superb hunter- especially when there's folk around to shoo him over those ditches?!

A tank in all ways. To handle too apparently... 

This is the only decent picture I have... Oh dear.

He just wants to please, he gets ridden every day. Maybe that's why he's so tired...

Loves children- God knows why if this is a regular occurance for her:

He has beautiful flowing paces and a huge jump. Yikes, no kidding!!

Cremello mare.... errr if you say so...:

This is just an entertaining typing error which will probably be fixed by the time you see it..

'Sadly selling my beautiful 78yrs old 16.3hh Grey TB broodmare with 6 month foal'

She sure looks good for 78 doesn't she?!

1 comment:

  1. Dang, that jumper was born in the wrong time! Clearly meant to be a warhorse and break barriers/lines.