Saturday, 16 February 2013

Craigslist Goes Ga Ga

Ah Craigslist. There can't be many people who don't know about it, maybe the odd UK resident. Just to fill you all in, Craigslist is a free listing site for people selling/offering pretty much everything (literally- we're talking adult services to fruit, or in some instances, the two combined!).

Horse selling on Craigslist is pretty common and reaches various standards, from the expert, to the clueless, and finally the demented. And today we present what is quite possibly the criminally insane. People, if you know this man, please keep him away from animals and children.

Thanks to Snarky Rider for this bizarre item!


Hello, this is my lovely horse legacy. He has been in my family for 5 years. He truly is a wonderful creature. At night, his mane glows like the brightest of juptiers moons. It is what we in the horse world call "magical". I give him daily protein shakes to make sure he countinues to grow big and strong. I don't know when he'll stop growing, he'll probably countinue to until his time comes. Please be prepared to accommodate a horse the size of a small tank if you plan on keeping him for more then a month. I feed him a strict diet of cucumbers and horseradish. Some people say that it's sick to feed a horse horseradish, but sense horse radish doesn't actually have horse in it, I'm sure it's ok.

800 OBO if you have any albino chickens we may be able to negotiate. Or 800 dollars worth of Fred Meyers gift cards so I can countinue to buy horseradish for my other horse.

Call 1-(307) 340-1521 to contact me. My name is Austin Boone. In order to ensure your not spam, please say "you have a magnificent stead on your hands I'd like to obtain. I'm pretty sure no telephone operator from overseas can say that correctly.

By no means do I think this is serious (college kid prank perhaps), but sadly I would still BET that someone out there does ring and try to acquire this non existent horse!

What's most terrifying here though is that the photo is not dissimilar to actual sales ad I have seen over the years!

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