Saturday, 15 September 2012

You Say it Best...

... when you say nothing at all...?

Ok, so there's room to have some mystery and be a little coy in romance and dating. There's really no need for it in a horse sale ad. So why do some of them have to have so little detail?

Here's a prime example. She's four years old. I have no idea how tall she is, if she's been handled, sat on, had her feet done or seen a vet. But at least I know who her dad is...

But apparently this advertiser is not the only one to keep it brief! Here's another who thinks horse selling is best with that air of mystery....
And here we have no clue about sex, likely height, exact age or even if they've ever been touched! At least the two above had headcollars, which means someone got close enough to buckle them on at some point. But with this ad- it's take a guess!
The problem with ads like this is that anyone half way interested has to call up and ask what height, what age, what's it done, when all that basic info should be in the advert. The seller could easily be tearing their hair out after people have been ringing all week to check something like that and then hanging up as soon as they learn that the horse is not or will not make 15.2hh! So take a bit of time and stick that extra sentence in, it could save you a world of trouble!

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