Tuesday, 4 September 2012

It's Cute So Buy It!

Welcome all to my new Blog. Having been a long term horsey window shopper (ages 12- 32!) and extensive browser of horse sale ads, I felt it was time to share the knowledge I have inadvertently accumulated and start trying to show why certain ads are not good, not effective or just downright AWFUL.
Today's offering appeared on Chronicle of the Horse and is from Craigslist, Chicago. As the link will probably disappear quite quickly I include a full transcript of the exact ad and some of the pictures for your perusal!
 Here's the content:

Friesian & Gypsy Vanner crosses (sw wi) ~MAKE OFFER OR TRADE~All foals are healthy and sound more info paintsndanes.webs.com may consider trades, creative financing, and payment plans 6088two250two9 Gypsy Vanner Stallion Wes (son of charlie) http://www.gypsyvannerhorsebreeders.com/ Wes is the sire of Nevaeh, Rumshata, and Bravo.

Romeo(FriesianXPaint) can be registered with the FRIEISAN SPORT HORSE REGISTRY. He is my first foal this year foaled June 16, 2012. We also watched him be born into this world, a truely amazing thing to experience. I would like to share it with you in this video! Romeo is everything I could ask for, and more in a colt! Romeo sports a very friendly sweet personality, and EVERYONE who meets him falls in love!

Nevaeh(GypsyVannerXAPHA) foaled June 19, 2012 she is my second foal of the year. She is just like her name heavenly. What a doll, and very spunky, we just love her! Nevaeh has a beautiful build and looks to match!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOxU0WaGPio

Vegas bay AQHA filly foaled 6/24/12.(angels willow X scotch skipnscoot) Vegas is such a cutie and will be offered for sale at weaning. She is a doll! Come check this girl out for yourself you will love her!

Bravo Gypsy Vanner APHA cross colt. Bravo foaled July 5, 2012 my last foal of the year. This tobiano boy is stunning, going to be big! Born with more hair, feather, and leg than any of the other gypsy crosses! This boy is a real gentlman loves people!

Already some red flags are waving for me- firstly the mention of creative financing and payment plans is a little worrying. Secondly the fact that they are selling multiple foals of similar ages but a range of crosses suggests a pretty random, and therefore probably not the best quality, breeding approach. The prevalence of the trendy and therefore all too often overpriced Gypsy Vanner and Friesian in the mix speaks volumes. There's no mention of whether these foals are well handled in the practical terms of having their feet picked up or leading in a halter, but plenty about them being pretty and friendly. And then of course we have the pictures:

Now lets see, what's right with them. Well the horses look nice and healthy, good weight, good condition, no scabs, lice, legs falling off etc. Then we come down to the people with the horses... AAAARGH! Lack of sensible footwear, carrying foals around like dogs, and encouraging them to practically climb on top of them for the love of god?! Ok, so it might be kinda cute now, but hey, that widdle fluffy foal is going to be a great BIG horse in a few years time, and when he puts his feet on your shoulders then, you're gonna KNOW about it! Honestly, the motto with horses ought to be think before you teach it. While the stallions pictured both look in good nick there's not much to say why they should be reproducing- they don't seem to have a performance record. And the mares seem an irrelevance barely discussed. What have these animals done to deserve having babies on the ground? After all, if they've achieved there's a good chance their progeny will. If they haven't... well you get the idea.
So in summary, lesson one. If you want to sell your horse think about what people actually want to buy. With babies that is usually an animal with potential for something more than just looking cute and doing some tricks. And possibly killing you with said trick in the near future. Class dismissed.

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