Sunday, 30 September 2012

Why is it so Skinny?!

When you put a horse up for sale, it's always a bonus that it doesn't look like a hatrack. These horses have both been breeding- but having a foal is no reason for them to be so thin. Yes it takes it out of them- that's why you UP THEIR FEED!!

The ad has gone for this mare, but here she is looking poor and bony with her foal at foot at Dragon Driving.

And then we have this poor soul. Her temperament is said to be very quiet. Not surprising, look at her prominent spine and hips- the shot disguises her flanks but I can pretty much guarantee if you could see those you could count her ribs. She probably wouldn't have the energy to argue with anything, she's using it all just hanging in there.

Fingers crossed both mares find a home where they actually get a decent meal once in a while.

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