Thursday, 21 March 2013

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Deep breath....

annnnnd GO!

I have a black and white mustang named bandit I'm selling him because I don't have time to ride him or spend with him n it's not fair to the Little guy he's grate horse I had him since he was 8 n he was not broke n he is 12 now I broke him but haven't done to much with him he I have put him on cows and he loves them with some training he could be a really nice cutting horse he learns quit n picks up on hat u r doing he's small but real stocky he is very forward will do anything u ask of him jump run go around a barrel though bushes corn fields he love to swim unsay let's swim give his head he he will run n just about jump in the creek to the deepest spot lol he dose get nerves around people he dose not know but when he gets to know you and trust you he will have a strong bond with you for the longest time my ferrie couldn't touch him unless I was there n now he's good with him I had a girl lease him until she went back to school and just loved him you can ride him a hack a more a bit or haulter he won't eat grass when u r on his back or holding him on a lead unless he knows you say it's ok stands to mont picks up all 4 feet to pick good on cross ties loads very well he just needs some basic work but u can trial ride him alone or with other horses will not kick or bite at a horse or person if u would like to come see bandit my name is Lauren just call or text 267 753 5079 or email

Yep, we have apparently never heard of a full stop!

Who wouldn't want a horse like this he's 'grate', learns 'quit' and stands still to 'mont'. Presumably she has someone to trim and do her horse's feet (a FARRIER) and not a large boat that likes to rub alongside horses (Ferry/Ferrie?!!). 

BTW he looks brown and white to me- anyone else?!

Still a cute little fella who would be a good friend for a kid somewhere- visit the link here if you're interested. 

The breathless wording and fact that the horse is on a funny angle in the  photo just makes it feel like the seller rushed this ad BIG TIME. 

I don't think horse selling ads really need the grammar police coming down on them hard all the time, but your ad should at least be readable enough to make sense!! People are busy and trying to decipher vague or confusing words and sentences is hard work when you've got several ads at once to work through- unless your horse is something extraordinary a lot of them might give up! 

 If you're not sure and are even half aware that the written word isn't your strongest medium, why wouldn't you get someone to read it over for you before you post it- even spell check can get you halfway there!

Thanks Craigslist Philadelphia for this one! 

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